Bunga Bakung Florist | A leading florist in Surabaya

Bunga Bakung Florist | A leading florist in Surabaya

Teras Bunga Bakung Florist
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ALSTROEMERIA:  fortune, prosperity, wealth
AMARANTHUS:  immortality, unfading love

ANTIRRHINUM (Snap Dragon):  strength, gracious lady, deception

ASPARAGUS FERN:  fascination

CACTUS:  Endurance

CHRYSANTHEMUM:  contemplation, the onset of autumn, you are a wonderful friend, cheerful, rest

  • White / Green : truth
  • Yellow: slighted love, secret admirer
  • Red: I love you, sharing, good luck, best wishes


DIANTHUS (Carnation):  devoted love, fascination, bravery, friendship, vanity, pride, socialism

  • White: innocence, pure love, sweet and lovely, good luck gift (for a woman), you’re adorable
  • Pink: I’ll never forget you, woman’s love, gratitude
  • Red: admiration, my heart aches for you, deep love, affection
  • Yellow: cheerful, rejection
  • Green:  St. Patrick day
  • Striped: refusal, sorry I can’t be with you


FREESIA:  friendship, innocence, trust, spirited

GERBERA:  innocence

GLADIOLUS:  generosity, sincerity, strengh of character, natural grace, give me a break, I’m really sincere, splendid

GYPSOPHILA (Baby’s breath):  innocence, purity of heart, festivity

HELIANTHUS (Sun Flower):  devotion, loyalty, pride, adoration, devout admirer, power, warm, nourishment, pure thought

HYDRANGEA:  Thank you for understanding, boastfullness, frigidity, heartlessness

IVY:  fidelity, wedded love, friendship, affection

JASMINE:  amiability, grace, elegance

LILIUM:  purity of heart

  • White : purity, virginity, majesty, it’s heavenly to be with you
  • Yellow: gratitude, happiness, I’m walking on air
  • Orange: hatred
  • Longiforum: purity, modesty
  • Pompei/Casablanca: celebration


ORCHID (Cymbidium, Dendrobium):  beauty, love, refinement, beatiful lady, flower of magnificent

PAEONIA (Peony):  happy marriage, happy life, compassion, healing, bashfullness, shame

PALM:  success, victory, fame, righteousness

ROSA (Rose):  happiness

  • White: purity, reverence, innocence, secrecy
  • Yellow/ Green:friendship, joy, gladness, jealousy, freedom
  • Pale pink: grace, joy
  • Rose Pink: perfect happiness, secret love, grace and sweetness, indecision
  • Dark pink: thankfullness
  • Peach: gratitude, admiration, symphaty, appreciation, friendship
  • Red: passionate love, respect, courage
  • Orange: fascination, enthusiasm, desire
  • Lavender: enchantment
  • Red and Yellow: Congratulation
  • Yellow and Orange: passionate thought

TULIPA (Tulip):  love, passion, fame, declared love, a gift from a perfect lover

  • White: forgiveness
  • Yellow: hopelessly in love, there’s sunshine in your smile
  • Pink: caring
  • Red:believe me, declaration of love
  • Purple: royalty


ZENTEDESCHIA (Calla Lily):  Beauty